School Lunches from Kay 

We serve fresh, healthy, meals made from scratch.  All ingredients are sourced locally and have to pass Kay’s high standards. Our meat is from Better Meats in Greenwood and our produce is from Frank’s at the Public Market. Your child will enjoy a warm, balanced meal of protein, grain, vegetable, and fruit at every sitting.  Our lunches are sure to bring lots of “Mmmmm……”

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  • Lunch service is available at the University Child Development School.

  • Kay’s kitchen is certified to the highest Covid-19 safety standards and meals will be delivered without contact, individually packaged and labelled with your student’s name for their pickup directly in their classroom.

  • Sack lunches will be provided on field-trip days if they resume.

  • All meals are peanut-free. Vegetarian, gluten free, and other special meals are available for $75 or $100 extra based on plan. 

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard (sorry, no Amex).

  • If you are ordering for more than one sibling, please purchase separately for each child.  Thank you for your patience - it will help us get your kids' meals exactly right!

  • Meal plans have been prorated to account for the timing of return to in-person schooling

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2020-2021 3/4/5s Full
2020-2021 1s and 2s Full
2020-2021 1s and 2s Half
2020-2021 EE Full
2020-2021 EE Half

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