School Lunches from Kay 

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We serve fresh, healthy meals made from scratch.  All ingredients are sourced locally and have to pass Kay’s high standards. Your child will enjoy a warm, balanced meal of protein, grain, vegetable, and fruit at every sitting.  Our lunches are sure to bring lots of “Mmmmm……”

School Lunches 2021-22

Four Meals - May Start
Two Meals - May Start

Kay's is proud to offer another year of delicious hot lunches for UCDS students. Even though the school year is well underway you may sign your child up to begin receiving lunches in May. 

Click below to sign up for either four meals a week, served Mondays through Thursdays, or two meals a week, served on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sign Up Now for Lunches Starting in May
  • All meals are nut-free. Vegetarian, gluten free, and other special meals are available for $75 or $150 extra based on plan.


  • Lunch service runs through June 2nd.  You may sign up after the start of a given month, but there are no pro-rata discounts for prior meals missed, and we also don't give pro-rata refunds for canceled school days, sorry.

  • Every meal is individually packaged to keep contact to a minimum.

  • Lunches on field-trip days are included - we package them specially for lunch on-the-go. Daily snacks are not included, so please remember to send them with your child each day.

  • Please purchase separately for each child if you are ordering for siblings (i.e. one order per child).  Thank you for your patience - it will help us get your kids' meals exactly right!

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard (sorry, no Amex).