School Lunch Menu: November 2021

All the meals are made with fresh ingredients and includes main, vegetable, fruit and dessert.

Monday 11/1

No School

Tuesday 11/2

Chicken Caesar Wrap Hummus Wrap

Wednesday 11/3

White Bean Chicken Chili

White Bean Veggie Chili

Thursday 11/4

Chicken Nuggets with Tater Tots

Falafel with Tater Tots

Monday 11/8

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Jackfruit

Tuesday 11/9

Corn, Potato Bacon Soup

Corn, Potato Chowder

Wednesday 11/10

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

Teriyaki Tofu and Rice

Thursday 11/11

No School

Monday 11/15

Meatloaf with Dinner Roll

Veggie Loaf with Dinner Roll

Tuesday 11/16

Chicken Yakisoba with Edamame

Tofu Yakisoba with Edamame

Wednesday 11/17

Butter Chicken with Rice

Butter Chickpeas with Rice

Thursday 11/18

Chicken Vegetable Bake

Creamy Vegetable Bake

Monday 11/22


Veggie Lasagna

Tuesday 11/24 - 11/28

No School

Monday 11/29

Beef Spaghetti with Breadsticks

Marinara Spaghetti with Breadsticks

Tuesday 11/30

Chicken Rice Soup

Fall Vegetable Rice Soup

Wednesday 12/1

Cheese Tortellini

Thursday 12/2

Biscuits and Gravy