School Lunch Menu: November 2019

11/ 5 Tuesday

Taco Tuesday!

Chicken Tacos

Vegetarian: Beans and potatoes Tacos

11/ 6 Wednesday

Pasta Bake

11/7 Thursday

Beef Chili with Corn Bread

Vegetarian: Bean and corn Chili with Corn Bread

11/12 Tuesday

Mac and Cheese

11/13 Wednesday

Chicken Teriyaki

Vegetarian: Tofu Teriyaki

11/14 Thursday

Beef Burrito

Veggie Burrito

11/19 Tuesday

Chicken Noodle Soup with dinner roll

Vegetarian Soup with dinner roll

11/20 Wednesday

Chicken Tenders

Vegetarian: Falafel

11/21 Thursday

Pizza Day

11/26 Tuesday

Chicken Teriyaki

Vegetarian: Tofu Teriyaki

Stone Soup for UCDS (No hot lunch for UCDS)

11/27 School Closed

11/28 Thanksgiving Day-School Closed