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Kay Catering


Hi! I’m Kay Kim. I love to entertain, cook, and decorate - I have a dream job if you ask me. I grew up in my parents' restaurants, so I couldn't help but absorb their passion for delicious food, served with love and attentive service.  They taught me how a shared meal brings people together.  

Now their passion is my passion. I enjoy cooking all types of food, but especially Pan Asian Fusion. The complex, interesting flavors from around the Pacific inspire me to create. 


I offer a full range of catering services, I am easy going yet organized, and I have very high standards.  So gather and make memories, and let me know how I can help - see all the services I offer.

Kay Kim





Contact Kay

Want to arrange a special event, start dinner delivery or just have a question? Call or text me anytime at 206.229.5297, email me at or use this form. I look forward to hearing from you!

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